Birds in a Hole

Posted in The Good Life on Friday, 30th April 2010 at 1:57PM

Birds in a Hole

In my quest to integrate our birds with our garden I decided it was time that they were confined to two areas of the garden.  The problem was that the two areas that they needed access to, the chicken house area and the duck pond area, are on two different levels and separated by a footpath.  The obvious solution was a tunnel so I set about digging, unsure as to how well birds cope with tunnels.  It turns out they cope really rather well.

The tunnel spans a length of about 2.5 metres and is supported on either side by a series of large roof tiles which are retained by wooden stakes.  The roof of the tunnel is a metal frame with wooden panels, covered in earth and a brick path.

The chickens had a few days with the tunnel uncovered to get used to the new route to the pond and compost heap. A few needed some gentle persuasion that it really was a good idea, but they all got there in the end and now shoot down at a rate of knots.

Chicken Tunnel 1

Chicken tunnel underground

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You Rock!!! I am adding a subterranean chicken/duck tunnel between my coop and my run and am stoked to see how happily your birds go though it!!! Much thanks for sharing!

Posted by Rockflower Farm on Wednesday, 20th February 2013 at 3:31AM

They thought I was crazy suggesting this and now I have evidence they’ll all be in awe

Posted by Matt Davis on Sunday, 22nd December 2013 at 4:32PM

This idea crossed my mind and I just happened to come across this by chance. It is a good concept but I would put concrete down to minimize the mud in the tunnels.

Posted by anonymous on Tuesday, 24th March 2015 at 1:35PM

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