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Dorset based freelance web designer / developer and ExpressionEngine devotee

Posted in Freelancing on Tuesday, 10th January 2012 at 8:59AM

Web designer and developer, Michael Sibley (AKA Siblify) is on the move. Having promised myself that I would take full advantage of the mobility that the freelancing lifestyle has to offer, I am relocating southwards, from Gloucestershire to sunny Dorset.

My passion is for creating a superior web experience, not just for end-users but also for site administrators through meticulous design and a keen awareness of usability.  I want people to feel empowered to edit and update their websites so I base all my sites around ExpressionEngine, a fully featured and highly flexible Content Management System or CMS, to make changing the content really easy without compromising design or functionality.

Qualities to look for in a good freelance web designer / developer

Posted in Freelancing on Tuesday, 27th September 2011 at 1:11PM

Qualities to look for in a good freelance web designer / developer

I recently wrote an article entitled 'Agency vs Freelancer. Choosing the right person(s) for your new website' which compared the pros and cons of using either an agency or freelancer to build your new website.  In this article I want to examine in greater depth some of the qualities to look for when hiring a freelance web designer. Finding a suitable freelancer can be a bit of a minefield so it really is worth taking careful consideration when trying to select the right person for the job.

The skills for the job

When using a solo freelancer it would unrealistic to expect them to be an expert in every area of the web development process but you should ensure they are competent (if not exceptional) at the core skills needed to get your website from initial proposal through to sign off and launch.

Freelance Web Designer / Developer based in Gloucestershire

Posted in Freelancing on Monday, 13th June 2011 at 8:49PM

Freelance Web Designer / Developer based in Gloucestershire

Having spent the last 4 years heading up the digital wing of Happy Giraffe PR and Marketing company in Birmingham I have decided that it's time to build myself a studio (or shed as my wife likes to call it!) and go freelance.  My last few years working in the West Midlands have been amazing and I have learnt a huge amount from the talented folks over at HG but I feel that the time has come to incorporate the design, project management and most importantly development skills I have acquired into my solo projects. 

I will continue to work on several projects for the Giraffe on a white label basis but will also be developing my own Siblify brand and looking for exciting new opportunities to work on websites for individuals, small business' and larger organisations.

Artists / Freelancers beware of cheque scams

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Artists / Freelancers beware of cheque scams

I was subjected to this scam a while ago now but when I heard about a similar case recently I thought it might be something worth highlighting. Although on this occasion the scam was centred around the sale of paintings, it could easily be applied to anyone selling products or services of high value on the web.

Code your paintings.  Paint your websites.

Posted in Freelancing on Monday, 20th July 2009 at 3:43PM

Code your paintings.  Paint your websites.

The areas of web design and fine art may initially seem worlds apart but for me the line dividing the two is grey.  I have always been interested in art and technology but over the last few years I have tried to devote equal time to both and to allow them to develop in unison.  Whilst the end products are quite different, the different working practices and the creative processes involved with each  discipline have broadened my skill set for the other and changed the way I work for the better.

The modular nature of web work with it’s logical processes and re-useable components weaving together into a final product (usually a website) has undoubtedly fed into into my painting process.  I have found myself developing artistic techniques in the same way I might develop a plug in or snippet of code on the web to be re-assigned and redeveloped into the next generation of paintings.

Michael's Paintings

New York

New York
35 x 45 cm
Acrylics and Indian ink on canvas

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Kisoro market Day

Kisoro Market Day

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